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Business automation for letting agencies

ProperKey is a consolidated business automation and customer service platform for small- and mid-sized letting agencies growing in the UK market.

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Grow your agency with ProperKey

  • Easily onboard and collaborate with landlords
  • Register, manage, and advertise properties
  • Accept applicants and schedule viewings
  • Negotiate offers and automate referencing
  • Digitally onboard your tenants

Grow your agency with ProperKey

  • Easily onboard and collaborate with landlords
  • Register, manage, and advertise properties
  • Accept applicants and schedule viewings
  • Negotiate offers and automate referencing
  • Digitally onboard your tenants
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Seamlessly manage lettings and collaborate with landlords

Forget manual paperwork, spreadsheets and scattered communications all over the place. Easily onboard your landlords, register properties, manage communications, integrate with other tools, and automate repeating tasks – all within ProperKey.

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Invite landlords

Improve experience for your landlords and enable seamless collaboration & transparency.


Manage applicants

Reduce manual labour and improve efficiency by customising and automating applicant pre qualifying.


Schedule viewings

Integrate with your and your landlords calendars for seamless event scheduling experience.


Tenant referencing

Instant credit checks and comprehensive reports all built into the platform.


Automate workflows

Simple tasks like accepting and rejecting applicants are done only with a click of a button.


Generate reports

Understand your agency performance and ensure transparency & accountability.



Automated data filling lets you present and execute smart contracts.



Stay up to date with regulations and receive automated reminders so you’re always a step ahead.

Seamless Integration with Industry Leaders

Streamline your workflows and improve efficiency with our integration to leading real estate technologies. Consolidate all your tools in one place for a hassle-free experience.

Missing an integration?

Please let us know if you think we are missing an integration, our team will get to work!

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Rentals, Reimagined

The traditional rental process vs. our reimagined solution. See for yourself how we`re revolutionizing the rental experience with our innovative automation technology. Experience the difference today.


See ProperKey in action

Watch a quick video showing how ProperKey helps agencies automate management of incoming applicants and enables collaboration with landlords.


How does your technology improve efficiency?

Our technology streamlines the rental process, reducing manual tasks and automating many processes, making it faster and more efficient for real estate rental professionals.

Can you integrate with my current real estate tools?

Our technology integrates with leading real estate technologies, making it possible to consolidate all your tools in one place for a hassle-free experience.

Can I edit the viewing calendar availability?

Yes, each property has independent calendar settings that can be customised

Can I customise what is asked on the viewing and offer forms?

Absolutely! Each property has customisable questions under the settings tab. From here you’ll be able to activate or deactivate questions that are asked on the viewing and offer forms. If you have questions you’d like to add please forward them info@properkey.co

Can I add property managers to my account?

Yes, you will be able to add your team members to your account. Simply go into a property and invite a user to the property. Each property has its own settings so you’ll be able to choose who has access to which property.

Does ProperKey notify all other applicants when I have accepted an offer?

Once you have confirmed you’ve received a holding deposit ProperKey will automatically notify and pause all other active applicants. These applicants will be placed on hold until you upload a contract or decline the applicant.

Why do I have to enter property details?

Property Details are required to help ProperKey work. It is used so that information and property address is sent to the tenant and then that same information will be used topopulate automated contracts (if this is part of your plan). You’ll only have to enter these details once for each property (you can edit them too).

What referencing does ProperKey use?

We have an integration with Canopy who provide comprehensive reference reports in 48 hours. It also offers instant free credit checks.

How do I use the ProperKey viewing link?

Our ‘viewing link’ is the power of ProperKey. This link when used will be the starting journey to pre qualify your applicants; it will take them through to viewing scheduling, offering all the way to the tenancy move in. As a user of ProperKey you`ll be able to place this link into a button where you like. On your website for example or as a response to email enquiries (this will be automated soon)

What happens if I can’t make a viewing?

If you cannot make a viewing you can login to ProperKey and decline the applicant. This will send them an email inviting them to rebook. Our customisable calendars are made so that viewings are as efficient as possible.

What happens if we have changed our mind on an applicant/property availability?

Throughout the tenancy process you will be able to decline an applicant.

Can I use ProperKey on any device?

ProperKey is a web based platform which means you can use it from any device. We’re currently working on our mobile version so that you can use it on the go for maximum efficiency.

I’m not sure I know how to use all the features? Is there someone to help?

Yes we have someone on hand to help you 24/7. Please use the chat below or email info@properkey.co

Where is ProperKey based?

ProperKey is based in London, UK and provides services to property professionals within the United Kingdom. If you are outside of this remit please contact info@properkey.co and we will be happy to help.

How do I get started?

You can simply create an account and add a property. Once you've created a property you’ll be able to use the viewing link to let applicants book viewings and start the ProperKey journey! If you've created your account a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to welcome you and answer any questions. Alternatively you can book a demo here or get in touch with our sales team info@properkey.co.

Is ProperKey accredited or Regulated?

ProperKey is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to ensure data privacy is handled in accordance with regulations.

I want a customised and integrated version of ProperKey for my business.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements for a customised development of ProperKey specific to your business needs.

How does your technology differ from traditional rental processes?

Our technology integrates with other industry technologies to consolidate everything, providing a faster and more efficient solution to the traditional manual process.

Does ProperKey support my workflow because it is different to other lettings agencies?

Yes, ProperKey is a fully customisable platform and we have built it in a way so that you can customise your tenancy workflow.

What is the cost of using your technology?

The cost of using our technology varies depending on your specific needs and the scope of your business. Please reach out to us for more information.

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